About me

I have founded Be Like Water in 2016, after having spent 30 years in various roles with Korn Ferry – Hay Group, KPMG and Randstad. I have worked across a multitude of industries, mainly in Europe, but also in the Middle East, US and Australia. I have received a Bachelor’s degree in economics from Erasmus University, Rotterdam and a MBA from IESE, Barcelona. I am certified MBTI practioner.

Each organization is like a snowflake, they look like other snowflakes, but when you come closer they are all unique. An organization is one big ever changing sea of busy people, working together to make products or deliver services to increasingly demanding clients. How do all these people work together to realize the desired results and are happy doing so? This fascinates me. In today’s world the demands for organizations continually increase: lower costs, be innovative, grow, find and satisfy clients. Do it once, do it again! It does not stop!

BLW supports the leaders of the organization in creating a dynamic, agile organization that realizes their ambitions.

My values

I believe that all people are equal. Everybody has something worthwhile to contribute to solving an issue. I try to have compassion for myself as well as for my clients. In a more practical sense this boils down to empathic listening and cooperation. The organization will be successful when enough skilled people know what their roles are, what is expected of them, and are listening to and cooperating with their colleagues.

Be Like Water’ main focus is on clarifying responsibilities, “structure follows strategy”. This is where most of my knowledge and experience is. In the course of the process of working on the structure , you might also allow me to touch the team or the people, and develop their skills and competences. If needed I bring in other experts.


Interested in how Be Like Water can help improve your organization?