Overview of approach

Approach starts with an inventory of the strong and weak points of the current organization

It is determined which points have to do with organization and roles and which with other aspects such as strategy, leadership, culture or systems.

Designing and clarifying organization and roles in such a way that the intended results are achieved is the specialism of Be Like Water Consulting

In this inventory I use the Burke Litwin Model. This model is comparable to the more familiar 7-S model from McKinsy. I prefer Burke Litwin because it is more detailed (12 factors vs. 7) and because it is a causal model for organizational performance and change.

Five steps to realize results

An essential first step in these projects is to gain a clear understanding of your current organization: what are the issues that your facing? What is your question to me? What are your desired results?

Based on this clear understanding of what you want, I will analyze your current organization and your strategy. My starting point is “Structure follows Strategy”. If strategy is not clear enough yet, I will start by fixing current problems in your organization to improve short term results.

If strategy is clear I will, together with your team, design a future proof and dynamic organization, that is innovative and capable of reacting to changes in the market quickly. This will be done in a limited number of working sessions with you and preferably your leadership team.

Once the new organization is designed the required changes will be mapped out in an action plan for you to implement. If you want I can assist with the implementation as well.

After an agreed upon time I will contact you again and check up on progress towards the desired results, helping you steer where necessary.


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